Bryan Huddleston is a Houston native with nearly two decades of experience in the residential and commercial roofing industries.

Bryan has been involved in almost every aspect of the building process from land development, supply chain management, operations, sales and marketing and accounting. His construction knowledge and 20 years of business experience is a powerful combination that has propelled Corey Construction to become one of the largest and most respected roofing companies in Texas.

Bryan began his career in the insurance business where he learned how to run a small business by working alongside his father, James Huddleston. In 1995, Bryan left the insurance business to work for US Home (now part of Lennar Homes) as a home-building superintendent. It was at US Home where he learned the production homebuilding processes from start to finish and it was also where he recognized the need for a professional, well organized roofing company. After working a short time with Home Depot’s Expo Design as an interior remodeler, Bryan decided to return to the homebuilding industry as a contractor specializing in the installation of siding, doors, and windows. It was after a hailstorm in 2000 that Bryan decided to enter into the roofing business. Encouraged and supported by his existing customers, he began to focus on turnkey roofing.

Bryan has developed turnkey operations at Corey Construction that home builders and homeowners know they can count on for speed and quality. Bryan currently serves as President of Corey Construction, H&B Supply, and H&S Roofing.


Vice President

Mike Budworth has 13 years of residential home-building and roofing experience as well as several years of engineering in both the oil and gas industry and the software industry. Throughout the years and across industries, Mike has a consistent track record of increasing sales and developing strong relationships with suppliers, customers and employees. He is from Minneapolis, MN and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from Iowa State University.

He began his career in 1995 at BWIP (now Flowserve) where he worked as an applications engineer designing pump skid packages for large, international refinery projects. In 1997, he was promoted to a Sales Engineer position where he worked with major engineering contractors in the Houston area. He was responsible for coordinating the sales, manufacturing and delivery of skid packages to various international destinations. In 2000, he left Flowserve to pursue professional interests and opportunities for Kinesix Software. There he served clients in the space and defense industries, including NASA, Boeing and Lockheed Martin. He was primarily responsible for sales and implementation of the Kinesix’s graphical user interface software.

Mike left the Kinesix Corporation in 2002 to pursue his goal of running and operating his own company. Mike joined his friend, Bryan Huddleston, at Corey Construction in 2003 with the hopes to learn how Bryan ran his business so he could start his own. After enjoying some success and making a difference at Corey, Mike decided to stay and became a business partner with Bryan in 2005.

He currently oversees the operations side of the company. This includes estimating, pricing, purchasing, vendor relationships and new business development for all four branches. He is also instrumental in developing processes inside and outside of the office to ensure Corey delivers a high level of prompt and professional customer service.