Covering the South for Two Decades

Working on the front lines of residential construction and installation over the span of his career, Bryan Huddleston recognized a gap in the roofing industry: there were plenty of roofing contractors in the market, but there was a need for more professional, better-organized services. In 1998, Bryan decided it was time to bring upgraded roofing solutions to residential properties and launched Corey Construction.

In 2005, the company began distributing roofing materials to the construction industry under the name H&S Building Material L.P. With a pulse on the market, Bryan and co-owner Mike Budworth, expanded to offer commercial and multifamily turnkey roofing services to their customers. Supported by their existing customer base, a new company named H&S Roofing was formed. In 2011, the company established a separate sister company for their commercial roofing arm – H&S Construction.

Known for quick turnarounds and quality service, H&S Construction and H&S Roofing have more than doubled their customer base over the years and have become a roofing industry leader in all of its operating regions, including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.